For a good six months now, the specialist electrical company Bräuer Elektro & Gebäudetechnik GmbH has been a subsidiary of Buderus Services GmbH and part of mmc AG. Since December 2019, Bräuer Elektro & Gebäudetechnik has been operating under the umbrella of mmc AG alongside Buderus Elektro & Blitzschutz at the mmc AG site in Neustadt am Rübenberge. The focus of the electrical specialist company with its own office on the Hannover Trade Fair Grounds is on electrical installation and electrical services for businesses, industrial customers and municipal authorities.



Showcase project in record time:
Makeshift clinic Hannover for 460 corona patients built with the participation of Bräuer Elektro & Gebäudetechnik

During the lockdown phase, a makeshift clinic for 460 corona patients was built in record time at the Hannover Trade Fair Grounds in order to be able to unburden clinics in the Hannover region in the event of a proliferation in Covid-19 patients.

Bräuer Elektro & Gebäudetechnik supplies makeshift clinic with electrical connections

Bräuer Elektro & Gebäudetechnik, as a long-standing service partner of the Messe AG, provided the connection of the emergency power supply and the electrical connections for the CT devices in this demanding project. The hospital is equipped with five respiratory care units and with oxygen connections at each bed to provide for mild corona cases that require in-patient care but do not require ventilation. Exhibition stand builders have built hundreds of nine square metre bed boxes in a very short time.


After less than four weeks of construction time, the Corona Clinic has been ready to go since Easter at the Hannover Trade Fair Grounds. Fortunately, however, it has not been used so far, so that although it is currently in sleep mode, it can be fully operational again within a few days.